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Skinsational offering Teeth Whitening In Manchester the American way!

Now we can offer you a superb Teeth Whitening service in Manchester using quality whitening kits imported from the United States of America at a cost you can afford. Our special designed kits are self administered using our in house Smile Bar in Manchester. All are non-peroxide offering instant results within 60 minutes.





New Smile Bar – our new smile bar  featuring The “egg chairs” that is so popular in America. This magnificent chair offers privacy and space for relaxing during the teeth whitening treatment. The new smile bar has state of the art egg chairs, mood therapy lighting, cinema screen and much more for the ultimate whitening.

Available Now For Sale MR. BLANC Aftercare Strips Highly Recommended After Laser Teeth Whitening….

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The Process 

Self Administered Treatment takes one hour where you will have 4 x 15 minutes under our Futura 2400 USA System with breaks in between. Please be aware of fast whitening treatments only taking 15 minutes or  maximum 30 minutes as these don’t achieve the best results possible.
 Opens the pores of the enamel allowing the non peroxide whitening gel to penetrate the teeth but very little if any whitening occurs.

 Gel is able to quickly penetrate tooth enamel now that the pores are open and some visible whitening will occur.

Whitening results are achieved.

 Maximum results are now achieved leaving the teeth the whitest possible shade.

Please note all products are EU Compliant Non Peroxide gels the safest most effective gels.

Aftercare sheet is provided at the end of the treatment, white diet is only for 24 hours where only white food should be eaten due to pores being open. For maximum results Aftercare MR BLANC Whitening Strips are highly recommended, USA Teeth Whitening pens are also available.


*Product purchasing & Self administering assist in whitening your teeth making use of our lamp for advanced whitening*

Futura 2400 Laser Lamp / Award Winning Non-Peroxide Kits 

Made In USA


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