Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Manchester Using Innovative Energist Medical Laser with Next Generation Technology & Varimed Diode Medical Graded Laser at Skinsational Manchester

Please note many Beauty Salons/ Skin Clinics do not use medical graded machines and there machines give poor results. Here at Skinsational we only use medical graded machines. Every machine in our premesis is used worldwide in Hospitals & Private Medical Clinics all FDA approved and CE approved and  give the very best results.

Doctor Andy Babicki (Skinsational)

(Laser Hair Removal Manchester Prices Below)

Offering fast treatment times with clinically effective results all year round – by stretching the boundaries of hair removal; as well as treatment on pigmented lesions, red veins & skin rejuvenation. Treatments require a minimum of 3 sessions and a maximum of 8 sessions. Most results are achieved in 5 sessions. Come to Skinsational for Laser Hair Removal Manchester.


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The MedArt VariMed system, from Energist Medical Group, leads the way in performing safe and efficient hair removal on all skin types. In combination with the industry-leading MedArt scanner.VariMed offers fast and effective treatments on all body areas. The innovative Energist Medical Laser is the next generation of technology, the Varimed Medical and Ultra-plus  is the ‘Gold Standard Technology’ laser, transcending all conventional hair removal systems by simultaneously delivering super long-pulse wavelengths.

This unprecedented technology tackles the key restrictions of traditional single wavelength lasers, through effectively treating fine and fair hairs on all skin types; including tanned skins. 

The versatile and unique MedArt™ Diode  laser comprises a compact and effective system offering both aesthetic and surgical solutions to medical professionals. A safe and complete aesthetic laser platform.

World renowned and patented technology our Ultra Plus from Energist Medical Group is a versatile system and offers the power and flexibility you need to achieve optimal clinical results for hair removal.


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