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We specialise in bespoke Skin facials. Offering the best skin facials and skin care range in Manchester. Babor Treatments are available at Skinsational Clinic in our Babor Spa. We only use the best and this is why we choose Babor to offer the ultimate Rolls Royce treatment. From anti-ageing treatments to oily, dry skin we have the treatment for you. All staff are highly trained by Babor to ensure top quality treatments. Dry skin or Oily skin we have the skin facial for you. We specialise in all skin facials.


Babor Treatment Video (Exclusive Range of Treatments offered by Skinsational using Babor)

Signature Treatment Sea Creation Video (The Rolls Royce of treatments)

About Babor Where is it From? Video (Company Video)


Babor Sea Creation – Coming Soon For September

The shimmering surface of the sea whispers a promise — of creation, eternity and beauty. In its dark, mysterious depths, far below the water’s gleaming surface, the ocean conceals secrets and healing powers that fascinate researchers worldwide. Take, for example, the micro-organisms that can withstand powerful elemental forces. Such minor miracles are only found at those extreme depths — and in SeaCreation, the new luxury skincare range from BABOR.

The active Sea-telligent Complex contains extracts of two micro-organisms obtained from the deep sea — Glycocéane GP3 and BABOR thermophilus — as well as an exclusive extract of green caviar algae. Together, they have an all-round anti-aging effect, optimizing skin functions, providing effective protection against skin aging and reducing existing signs of aging, with long-lasting effect. The result? Skin that is as beautiful and mysteriously alluring as the sea.

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